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Enchantment Under the Sea

Written by Party Gal on June 29, 2016

Who doesn’t love a good “Back to the Future” reference? For this 1950’s cum 1980’s party, dress in your most radical 1980’s wear. Pull out the fluorescents you were hoping would be banned for all eternity, your slouchy socks, high ponytails, and leg warmers. For a sea-friendly feel, use lots of different colored blue cutlery, table covers, table skirts, plates, cups, and trays to serve on. Accent with some silver as well. Throw up lots of plastic fake pearls for a fun feel. Decorate a trunk with lots of “jewels” by crumpling up some tissue paper balls and placing the lid in a half open position so others will see the jewels. Line the chest with silver or gold metallic wrap. Throw in some plastic fake pearls for good measure. Throw some silver streamers around the room for a wave-like effect and interlace some with pearls. Add some “sea-weed” by taping green streamers to the walls going from the floor to the ceiling “waving” in the ocean breeze. You can use a revolving fan on a light setting to get the wavy look just perfect. For food, serve tuna fish salad, lox, crackers, sushi, and blue colored gelatin. They would look fabulous in a shell or flower-shaped dessert cup. Place any other dessert on a mini-leaf plate.  Throw a guitar and amp in the corner and see who can do the best Chuck Berry impression.