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Last Minute Party Planning Advice

Written by Factory Direct Party on October 09, 2018

Planning a party to do list graphicPlanning a last minute party, from a child’s birthday to an elegant wedding, can be overwhelming. Yet any event can be pulled together surprisingly fast if you take a deep breath and get organized. Here is some advice for planning a spectacular last minute party.

Embrace Simplicity

It simply isn’t possible to hand-stuff 200 favor bags or get 500 fruit carvings at the last minute. Fortunately, while these elements can be fun, they are completely unnecessary for a great party. Embrace festive tableware and party supplies instead to create the atmosphere you want. From whimsical to formal, just a few tasteful decorations or plastic tablecloths can be a big hit.

Decide on the Details

Choose the date, theme, venue, budget, and guest list immediately, and resist the urge to change them. These factors will help make the rest of your decisions, so they must be set in stone as quickly as possible. Remember that you might need to flexible to find last minute space, but something is always available.

Write It Down

It’s always tough to keep all the details straight in your head, and when you are on a tight deadline, it can quickly lead to disaster. Search online for a spreadsheet template for an event similar to yours, or even create a handwritten list. Whichever you choose, be sure to mark off each task as you finish it.

Enlist Help

No matter how good you are at cooking, baking, and decorating, there is simply no way to create a last minute event alone. Hire professionals if your budget allows, or ask your friends and family to help out. Refer to your list to see what needs to be accomplished and assign specific tasks.

Cut Down the Menu

Even if you are hiring a caterer, a last minute party is not the time to experiment with new recipes. Stick to tried and true dishes you know your guests will enjoy, make sure there is adequate kitchen space, and cut down the menu to a handful of dishes.

Walk the Space

On the day before the event, walk through the space with a critical eye. Make sure there is plenty of room for service professionals, or helpers, to work, and that it is easy for guests to navigate between activity stations. Do what you can to open up potentially congested pathways.

Let It Go

When you finish your walkthrough, let it go. You have now done what you can, so take some time to de-stress. Designate someone else to be the point of contact for the party so you can focus on having fun and entertaining your guests. If anything goes wrong, it is likely no one will notice. If they do notice, you will all have a good laugh later. Either way, your guests will have fun if you are, so do your best to smile and relax.

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