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Liberty Sunglasses - 12 Ct.


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  • Each package contains 1 pair of sunglasses - One size fits most adults
  • Every pair of glasses features the liberty torch and liberty crown
  • Perfect accessory any patriotic event - With every step you take, these sunglasses will boost your confidence to new heights
  • The top-notch lenses of our Liberty Sunglasses provide exceptional clarity, allowing you to revel in the beauty of fireworks, parades, and all the festivities of this special day
  • These shades symbolize the unwavering spirit of independence and evoke the thrill of being an American
  • Experience the freedom to express yourself with unparalleled style
  • Stand out from the crowd and proudly display your patriotic spirit with these striking shades
  • Lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort


Liberty Sunglasses, is the perfect blend of fashion and patriotism. These stylish eyewear pieces are designed to not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays but also showcase your love for your country in a subtle and trendy way. Perfect for an Independence Day picnic these glasses with grab attention. One side features the liberty torch while the other side features the liberty crown. Stock up on all your patriotic needs with US Toy. We have a wide selection of favors and costume accessories to make your day a success. You'll find everything you need for your next election day celebration, parade or 4th of July party in our Patriotic section. Each pair is thoughtfully designed to be lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors, enjoying a sunny day at the beach, or attending a patriotic event, these sunglasses provide excellent eye protection while complementing your personal style.

Celebrate your love for your country in style with our Liberty sunglasses. These iconic shades are more than just eye-catching accessories; they embody the spirit of patriotism and freedom. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these sunglasses are designed to enhance your visual experience while showcasing your unwavering love for your homeland. Get ready to turn heads and ignite conversations with your undeniable style and passion. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our sunglasses are built to withstand the test of time. Soak in the festive atmosphere year after year, knowing your sunglasses will always be there to accompany you on your patriotic adventures.


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Quantity 12
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Dimensions L: 6.75 in. W: 1.2 in. H: 5.4 in.
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