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54 In. X 100 Ft. Select A Size Table Cover-Red


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  • 54 in. x 100 ft.
  • 54 in. x 300 ft.

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  • Premium Quality: High opacity for minimal transparency
  • Easy Clean Up: Roll up and dispose after use
  • Waste Free: Use the built in cutter to get the perfect size every time!
  • Extra Wide: Table roll measures a full 54 inches wide x 100 ft long
  • Reusable Dispenser: Roll arrives in a reusable dispensing box - great for multiple uses!


Our luxurious red table rolls- create a sleek and elegant table in just a matter of minutes with this gorgeous red table roll that will be your best companion for every event! When your done, dispose of it! Tired of wasting time and manpower on covering your tables? Had enough of table cover edges that are cut ragged, crooked, or look like They've been torn apart? Try our select-a-size table cover rolls and find the perfect solution to these problems! Each roll is packed in a box featuring a built in sliding cutter that will provide a perfect cut, every time! We offer two sizes : 54 In. x 100ft enough to cover twelve 8ft tables and 54 In. 300ft. enough to cover over thirty 8ft tables. Available in a unique variety of solid colors, patterns, and sizes, these rolls are perfect for cafeterias, lunch rooms, entertainment centers, banquet halls, and more! The sleek box stacks beautifully so you can keep multiple colors together in a neat and organized fashion. The built in cutter allows you to get the perfect size - reducing waste and saving money! Our collection offers extra-high opacity for such an affordable price. Grab one and doll up your table in just a matter of seconds! Keep an eye on bulk wholesales to get your hands on a bunch of premium quality FDP table rolls for a cheaper price! Your tables will steal the show with its deep and rich burgundy color. Disposable works! When the party is over, cleanup is easy - just roll up the table rolls and dispose of it. If you're searching for simple, disposable round table rolls for your next event, these are exactly what you're looking for. Use them for a wedding, birthday party or banquet! The options are endless with FDP.


Availability In Stock
Quantity 1
Weight4.5 LBS
Size2 sizes available
Dimensions L: 4.0 in. W: 4.0 in. H: 15.0 in.
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