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12in. Gold pearlized latex balloons (10)


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  • Each package contains 10 pearlized latex balloons
  • Every 12 in. balloon is made of high quality latex
  • Perfect addition to any party whether it is an elegant celebration or a birthday event
  • Glossy and eye-catching, perfect balloons to set the mood
  • Add Shiny Gold Mylar Balloon to create the perfect gold theme


Bring the party home with our collection of pearlized latex balloons. One package contains 10 glossy pearlized latex balloons that are the perfect addition to any party or event - from weddings to birthday parties, banquets to corporate events. Bring out these gorgeous gold balloons and instantly set the mood. When these balloons are out, something exciting is definitely about to take place! Gold balloons are an interesting choice and a great substitute for your regular solid color balloons. Its unique color makes it an exotic choice for special events whether it is an elegant evening celebration or a birthday party for your little ones. To make your setting even more attractive, add Gold Flower Ball Decorations. Try our Gold Mylar Balloon, and Gold Twinkle Rope to host a shiny and sparkling event! Your guests will for sure be delighted to be in such an uplifting setting channeling the party vibes!


Availability Depends on selection
Quantity 10
Weight0.14 LBS
Size12 in.
Dimensions L: 0.0 in. W: 0.0 in. H: 0.0 in.
BrandCrown Display Inc.
Rating 5.0
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Reviews (5.0 based on 1 review)

  • Love the description and the balloons were great!
    Written by Funny on July 13, 2010 for 12 In. Assorted Pearlized Balloons - 10 Ct.
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