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16in. Silver Foil Ball Decoration


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  • Silver 16 in. Foil Party Ball
  • Can be thrown out or reused multiple times!
  • Buy in bulk and save! - Contact us for details
  • Create a super cool silver setting with our Silver Foil Flower
  • Fun, bright, honeycomb ball that adds life to any room!
  • Great for parties, prom, graduation parties, corporate events, concerts, weddings, bars, birthday parties, and more!
  • Features a metallic finish that catches the light and creates a dazzling display
  • Hang them from the ceiling to create a mesmerizing overhead display, or place them on tables as eye-catching centerpieces
  • Mix and match different sizes for a dynamic visual impact - pair them with other decorations to create a cohesive look


Silver foil ball decorations are a great way to enhance your parties with your friends! The foil decorations add lots of color and spunk to your party! Light weight and reusable, these shiny 16in. silver balls are a must! Our exquisite silver ball decoration is made of foil which gives it its light weight quality and shiny appearance. Bring out this gorgeous silver ball and instantly set the mood. When these shiny things are out, something exciting is definitely about to take place! Silver foil decorations are an interesting choice and a great substitute for your regular decorations. Its unique color makes it an exotic choice for special events whether it is an elegant evening celebration or a birthday party for your little ones. Browse our catalogue of silver decorations to enhance your event. Hype up your family, guests, and your little ones with our helium balloons and other decorations that are easy to set up and clean up! Our products can be reused multiple times for other affairs. Buy once and you are good to go. With our sensitivity to customer satisfaction, FDP products are made to meet all your expectations. Match with our shimmery < a href="https://www.factorydirectparty.com/partyware/decoration-center/foil-party-decorations/8in-silver-foil-ball-decoration.html"> Silver Foil Ball to achieve the full-silver theme!


Availability In Stock
Quantity 1 Foil Ball
Weight0.14 LBS
Size16 in.
Dimensions L: 16.0 in. W: 8.5 in. H: 0.2 in.
BrandCrown Display
Rating Not yet rated


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