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14.25 in. Rigid Gold Charger Plate


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  • Use this beautiful charger as a base for your place setting
  • Rigid plastic can be washed and reused or disposed of
  • 14.25 Inches Round - big enough for even the largest of plates
  • Use with any of our matching cream & gold settings


Use these beautiful and trendy charger plates as a base to your place setting and add even more style to your already magnificent table! Each charger measures a whopping 14.25" round and features a ribbed rim look that will go with any cream and gold setting. Chargers are meant as a base for your plates, not for use as an actual plate (unless you are feeding giants).


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Quantity 1
Weight0.57 LBS
Size14.25 in.
Dimensions L: 14.25 in. W: 14.25 in. H: 0.3 in.
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