Elegant Combo Sets

Disposable Elegant Dinnerware Sets

Create a cohesive and stylish table setting with our selection of elegant combo sets. These sets contain plates in different sizes, along with matching cutlery, perfect for hosting a dinner party or special event. Choose from a variety of designs and styles to suit your taste and impress your guests. These elegant sets are also great for adding a touch of sophistication to your event.

Answering Your Plastic Dinnerware Set Questions

One of the key benefits of using disposable dinnerware sets is the hassle-free cleanup after your event. Instead of washing dishes, simply dispose of them, saving time and effort. These sets also come in stylish designs that pair well with our collection of Barware for a cohesive party theme.

To choose the right plastic dinnerware set for your event, consider the formality and theme. For upscale occasions like weddings or banquets, opt for sets with intricate designs or metallic accents. You can find more tips in our blog post on creating sophisticated disposable table settings to ensure your event is both stylish and convenient.

Yes, plastic dinnerware sets are ideal for outdoor dining due to their lightweight and shatter-resistant nature. Their durability makes them suitable for picnics or barbecues, and they pair perfectly with our collection of Plastic Tablecloths for a cohesive and practical outdoor setup.

Certainly! Here's a summary of the types of fancy plastic dinnerware sets available on the Factory Direct Party website, along with links for more details:

Premium Design Plates:
Explore radial, line, and brilliance designs that resemble fine china in various shapes, like square and hexagonal:
Premium Plates Collection

Classic Dinnerware Sets:
For timeless elegance, consider the Ivory and Gold sets with coordinating cutlery:
Ivory Classic Dinnerware
Gold Classic Dinnerware

Ornamental Design Sets:
These feature unique motifs, like floral patterns, giving the look of porcelain:
Ornamental Dinnerware Set

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