Appropriate tableware and dinnerware will help distinguish your party or event! Create the party planner look with our beautiful disposables. The epitome of effortless elegance and practicality for your event.

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About Our Tableware Collection

Welcome to Factory Direct Party's extensive Tableware collection, your one-stop shop for all party essentials. Our collection features a wide array of plastic table covers that are perfect for any event, offering both protection and style for your tables. Available in various colors and patterns, our plastic table covers ensure your setup looks festive while making cleanup a breeze.

Complement your table settings with our high-quality plastic cups. These cups are sturdy, reliable, and come in different sizes to suit all your beverage needs. Whether you're hosting a casual get-together or an elegant celebration, our plastic cups are designed to meet all your requirements and keep your guests hydrated.

For serving meals, explore our selection of paper plates and plastic plates. Our paper plates are ideal for eco-friendly parties, providing convenience without compromising on quality. Meanwhile, our plastic plates offer a durable and reusable option that can handle any cuisine, from appetizers to main courses. With various designs and sizes, our plates ensure your food presentation is both practical and stylish.

Enhance your party experience with Factory Direct Party's tableware, where quality meets affordability. Whether it's a birthday bash, wedding reception, or corporate event, our tableware collection has everything you need to create a memorable occasion. Be sure to check out our other collections for complementary items like disposable cutlery and paper napkins.

Answering Your Tableware Questions

Weights or Clips: Secure the table cover with tablecloth clips or small weights at the corners. These can hold down the edges of the cover and prevent wind from lifting it. Use items like rocks or decorative weights to match the event theme.

Tape or Adhesive Strips: Apply double-sided tape or adhesive strips underneath the cover to keep it attached to the table surface. This works well on smooth surfaces and prevents movement during outdoor events.

Elastic-Fit Covers: Consider using fitted plastic table covers with elastic edges that wrap around the table, securing the cover firmly in place.

Table Skirts: Attach a plastic table skirt over the cover for added weight. This creates an attractive and secure setup while keeping the cover from blowing away. Visit our Table Skirts collection to see the wide variety available.

No, plastic cups from Factory Direct Party are not recyclable and should be thrown out after use. The convenience of disposability reduces the hassle of cleanup, making them perfect for large gatherings and parties. Consider our Paper Cups for an eco-friendlier option.

You can purchase paper plates directly from Factory Direct Party, which offers a variety of sizes and designs to suit any event theme. Their selection includes solid colors, patterns, and themed plates. Visit our Paper Plates collection to find the perfect option.

Plan for at least two plastic plates per guest to cover different courses, ensuring each guest has a clean plate for appetizers and the main meal. Consider providing extras for desserts or accidents. Explore our Plastic Plates collection to find options that suit your event.

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