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350 Pcs Pastel Disposable Tableware Set


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  • Our jaw dropping Easter mega set is designed to meet all your party needs! Your cups, plates, cutlery, and napkins are all in this extravaganza set! Are you in a rush> Don't worry! This set contains everything you need. Grab our mega set and set up a holiday table in just a matter of minutes and enjoy a stress free affair- This amazing set contains 50 lavender 10 in. plates
  • 50 light blue 7 in. plates
  • 50 light blue cups
  • 50 pink napkins
  • 50 lavender forks
  • 50 lavender knives
  • 50 lavender spoons
  • Make space for your desserts too! We offer a wide selection of dessert miniatures that will go amazing with your table
  • Our lavender and baby blue plates go so well together that you may want to use the same pack again! Do not worry, you can create different combinations using our Cutlery Line!
  • Made with high-quality plastic, each plate is made to withstand the most taxing events keeping to its shape and quality
  • This set is your best friend for stress free events!


Our mega Easter set contains everything you need to throw an amazing holiday dinner party! It includes 50 plates, a cutlery collection, cups, and napkins! This set has a unique color combination that is meant to enhance any table setting in just a matter of minutes by lightening up the atmosphere and getting everybody ready for the festive vibes! The gorgeous lavender color matched with the baby blue and baby pink will for sure delight your little ones and your loved ones! Our whole set is a disposable. When the event is over, cleaning up is no longer a hassle. Save time setting up and cleaning up with this extravaganza tableware set. In a rush? Don't know what theme to go with for your holiday event this year? Don't worry! Just grab this amazing collection and set up a lovely table. For those who would like to use the same set for another event, but is afraid of repeating the same look, check out our Trendable Cutlery Line and our elegant Barware Collection for different combinations. With our sensitivity to customer satisfaction, we make sure to offer high-quality products that will ensure a delightful experience.


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