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Mini Dessert Cups

Your sweet treats taste good, but do they look good? Do them justice and serve them in a suitable container to make them even more appealing! Perhaps clear cups with lids may help? Or a perfectly appealing pentagon cup that will instantly make your desserts more enticing? Transform your desserts into luscious treats and make your guests want more!

Desserts come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn't your dessert dishes? Factory Direct Party offers p​lastic dessert cups​ to make any sweet treat look even more scrumptious than it already does. We have square, pentagonal and even hexagonal ​mini dessert cups​ for bite-sized goodies, dessert bowls with lids and plastic silverware that looks like the real thing! Give your guests a night to remember with a little help from FDP.

If you really want to make your desserts memorable, FDP Dessert Miniatures are a great way to get your guests asking about your desserts on the table ! Oh, and witness one of your friends recreating the idea in another occasion. For example, our durable heavy-duty square miniature plates may get your guests talking about how perfect they are for your dish! You may reuse them if you wish! Or, if you are someone who prefers your desserts to exude elegance, then our chic, reusable, and durable square hex bowls might be perfect for your event! For desserts that are best served in a cup with a lid such as delicious chocolate mousse, we advise using our clear dessert bowls with a lid or something that is deeper such as a clear cup with a lid that will for sure make your desserts appealing and preserve them in an elegant way.

Impress everyone with your extra attention to detail by serving your toothsome treats in the most fashionable way possible! We offer modern designs such as sleek oval dessert bowls or square miniatures for the most elegant presentation.