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  1. The Perfect Wedding Tableware - Real or Disposable?

    Written by Factory Direct Party on March 25, 2021

    As events across the world continue to evolve in response to the virus, more and more people are looking at outdoor spaces as the perfect venue for their wedding. The open air of a beach event, a rustic farmhouse hilltop setting, or a beautiful backyard party, have all become more attractive to those seeking to maintain social distancing while continuing to live life. The special moments of these celebrations will still be cherished for a lifetime, so getting it perfect is still paramount. As with all things party supplies related, proper planning and forward thinking decisions will help alleviate the stress of dealing with chaos on your wedding day.

    Of the many decisions you will need to make for your party, one that will impact the vibe and feel of your special day significantly is going to be which settings you choose to use for your cocktails and dinner. While traditional ceramic or porcelain dishes or often go-to options for indoor venues, trends are showing that an increasing number of indoor and outdoor events are opting for disposable dishes and flatware.  So we set about trying to figure out what the appeal of disposables are over real dishes, and why so many brides and grooms are going in that direction. Here is what we found.

    Function meets Fashion

    There was a time when the option (yes, that is singular) for a plastic plate was at best blah. It served its purpose undoubtedly, but not with much flair or style. It was the necessary alternative when used, and at best, you would opt to use it again only if you had to. For that reason, real dishes still remained a desirable option for culinary presentation. Over time however, beautiful options began to emerge in the market of disposables. Such options, oftentimes available in full kits or combo sets, were not just a perfect solution to off-site events, they were actually stunning alternatives to real dishware. Brands like Exquisite and Trendables offer an array of designs and styles that continue to grow, allowing wedding planners to choose from a huge variety of options, and create picture perfect personalized looks for every event! In a relatively short span of time, the blah option became the wow! options (yes, plural). So utility aside, the options for your wedding are no longer limited to the three or four tired choices your caterer happens to have for the past twenty years. Instead, you can now choose from modern and chic designs, and find the look that suits your taste best. After all, it is your wedding, so why not make it yours?

    Safety First - keeping things sanitary

    In an added bonus to what is already an attractive proposition, the virus has made many people realize that good hygiene and sanitary conditions are an absolute must at any public gathering or event! While this has always been true, it is now on the forefront of everybody's mind, including your guests, and the need for such cleanliness cannot be made clearer. This brings out another primary attraction of disposables - sanitary, clean, and germ free service! Gone are the concerns of a dishwasher that didn't run hot enough, or a cycle without chemicals, etc. Here you know you are eating on clean, new plates. This is true enough that many restaurants have also begun to opt in to these options - even for upscale dining! In an age where keeping things clean are an absolute must, disposables are most definitely the most attractive option.

    Convenience & Ease - changing the industry

    So why are disposable dishware and flatware so popular for outdoor events? Another simple reason is physical movement. Caterers doing a wedding or party for 150 to 200 people are moving a lot of equipment. When the event is off-site, that movement is even greater. You need salad and dinner plates, soup bowls, barware and glasses, serving utensils, flatware, and much more! Imagine the hassle of moving all of that around. Crates and crates of dishes being dragged from a kitchen on to a truck, to an event site, to a staging area, only to be used and have to make the return trip. Disposables have proven to be a much more convenient option. They take up a fraction of the space, so transport is of no concern. In fact, the entire service for a party of 150 could fit into a couple of boxes. No need to schlep hundreds of lbs all over the place when you can get the same job done with much less work! As the saying goes - Work smarter, not harder!   

    In summary, when planning your wedding event, whether it is the rehearsal dinner or the wedding day brunch, disposable dishes are a formidable option that should not be quickly overlooked. Factory Direct Party has beautiful options at unbeatable prices and can help make your wedding the showcase event that it deserves to be! 

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  2. Last Minute Party Planning Advice

    Written by Factory Direct Party on October 09, 2018

    Planning a last minute party, from a child’s birthday to an elegant wedding, can be overwhelming. Yet any event can be pulled together surprisingly fast if you take a deep breath and get organized. Here is some advice for planning a spectacular last minute party.

    Embrace Simplicity

    It simply isn’t possible to hand-stuff 200 favor bags or get 500 fruit carvings at the last minute. Fortunately, while these elements can be fun, they are completely unnecessary for a great party. Embrace festive tableware and party supplies instead to create the atmosphere you want. From whimsical to formal, just a few tasteful decorations or plastic tablecloths can be a big hit.

    Decide on the Details

    Choose the date, theme, venue, budget, and guest list immediately, and resist the urge to change them. These factors will help make the rest of your decisions, so they must be set in stone as quickly as possible. Remember that you might need to flexible to find last minute space, but something is always available.

    Write It Down

    It’s always tough to keep all the details straight in your head, and when you are on a tight deadline, it can quickly lead to disaster. Search online for a spreadsheet template for an event similar to yours, or even create a handwritten list. Whichever you choose, be sure to mark off each task as you finish it.

    Enlist Help

    No matter how good you are at cooking, baking, and decorating, there is simply no way to create a last minute event alone. Hire professionals if your budget allows, or ask your friends and family to help out. Refer to your list to see what needs to be accomplished and assign specific tasks.

    Cut Down the Menu

    Even if you are hiring a caterer, a last minute party is not the time to experiment with new recipes. Stick to tried and true dishes you know your guests will enjoy, make sure there is adequate kitchen space, and cut down the menu to a handful of dishes.

    Walk the Space

    On the day before the event, walk through the space with a critical eye. Make sure there is plenty of room for service professionals, or helpers, to work, and that it is easy for guests to navigate between activity stations. Do what you can to open up potentially congested pathways.

    Let It Go

    When you finish your walkthrough, let it go. You have now done what you can, so take some time to de-stress. Designate someone else to be the point of contact for the party so you can focus on having fun and entertaining your guests. If anything goes wrong, it is likely no one will notice. If they do notice, you will all have a good laugh later. Either way, your guests will have fun if you are, so do your best to smile and relax.

    Ready to Get Started?

    If you are in the market for high quality party supplies at wholesale prices contact Factory Direct Party today at 1-800-383-4315.

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  3. 7 Ways to Reign in Costs for a Graduation Party

    Written by Factory Direct Party on September 30, 2018

    Graduation is an exciting but expensive time of year. You will need to settle the last of the school costs, buy a cap and gown, purchase graduation presents, and start thinking about how to pay for future education. A graduation party is a wonderful way to celebrate, but many families worry about how to fund it. Fortunately, you can throw a party to remember without breaking the bank. Here are 7 ways to reign in the costs.

    Graduation Party Supplies Graphic

    1. Go Digital

    Today's graduates are digital natives, so cut the expense of old-fashioned paper invitations. Use Facebook, Evite, or a similar outlet to send fun digital invites instead. If you are inviting older family members who have not joined the digital world, buy a small pack of blank invitations and handwrite invites just to those guests.

    2. Go Outside

    Skip the expensive venues in favor of a beautiful outdoor location. If you or a relative have a reasonably flat backyard, host the party there. Otherwise, consider a city, local, or state park. If you have concerns about the weather, book a covered pavilion or rent a small tent. An outdoor venue gives you a spectacular natural backdrop and the freedom to decorate and lay out the space however you like.

    3. Make an Advice Tree

    Rather than springing for pricey gifts, ask your guests to give of themselves instead. Arrange a few branches in a nice vase at the center of a table, and surround the “tree” with pens, note cards, and clips. Ask each guest to write a few words of advice for the new graduate on a note card and attach it to the tree. This will create a fun party decoration as well as a treasured memento for the future.

    4. Keep It Simple

    Order fun but inexpensive table coverings, plates, cups, serving dishes and the like in your graduate’s school colors. Create a memory corner full of photos of the graduate. Cut out numerals for the graduation year from foam and decorate them with festive clouds of tissue paper. Enlist your craftiest friend to help you DIY decorations that are festive but won’t break the bank.

    5. Stock Up on Appetizers and Snacks

    Food can get expensive, especially if your guest list is long. Buy a little at a time during sales and freeze it, rather than trying to purchase everything at once. Serve appetizers and snacks rather than an elaborate sit-down dinner.

    6. Get Help

    Everyone has a unique skill set, and your graduate’s friends and relatives will be glad to help. Ask a few people to contribute their talents to the party, and it is guaranteed to feel more intimate than if you hired a bunch of professionals.

    7. Team Up

    In many areas, graduation weekend is packed with parties, sending graduates on a whirlwind tour with little time to enjoy each celebration. Consider teaming up with the families of fellow graduates to develop one huge bash instead. Your graduates will have time to actually sit down and talk rather than watching the clock, far less food will be wasted, and the party can be more elaborate for less money if you all pitch in.

    Graduation is a big deal, and it is well worth celebrating in style. With a bit of ingenuity, though, there is no need to break the bank to give your graduate a party to remember.

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    If you are in the market for high quality party supplies at wholesale prices, contact Factory Direct Party today at 1-800-383-4315.

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  4. How to Host a Backyard Wedding

    Written by Factory Direct Party on September 16, 2018

    A backyard wedding can be elegant and memorable, but planning one can be tough. An indoor venue gives you a defined space, and its existing layout and décor can help you make theming and decorating decisions. A backyard is a blank space, allowing you to build your entire venue from the ground up. Here are some tips for hosting a backyard wedding.

    hosting a backyard wedding

    Climate Control

    You can’t control the weather, but there is no reason to be miserable on your big day. Consider renting a tent to provide some shade and protection against cold, heat, or rain. Portable heaters or misting fans can also go a long way toward providing your guests with some comfort from the elements.

    Guest Needs

    Walk through your backyard looking for tripping hazards or obstacles, and then minimize them as best you can. Outdoor flooring can help to level out a rough or uneven surface. Dig out small rocks and create pathways around obstacles you cannot move. Also think about parking areas, restrooms, and other practical needs. If any guests are older or disabled, make sure they will be able to safely navigate the area. Use clear pathway markings and dedicated lighting for an evening wedding.

    Theming and Décor

    Sit in your backyard and take a look around. Let the sights and sounds of nature inspire the theme and décor for your wedding. Consider timing the wedding to showcase a glorious sunset or a full moon, or let the colors of nature become the inspiration for your wedding colors.

    Remember that just a handful of a few big items, from wine barrels to chalkboard signs, can set up your theme, whether you prefer haute couture black tie or vintage chic. Then tailor your menu, tableware, and smaller party decorations to reinforce that theme. Also think about lighting and sound, which can have a dramatic impact on the overall feel of your wedding.

    Sight Lines and Guest Flow

    Remember that your guests are at your wedding to witness your vows, so it is vital to make sure the sight lines are clear. Consider using elevated stages for the main events so that everyone can see well. Once everything is in place, sit in a guest chair in the back to confirm your sight lines, and then walk the guest paths to different stations such as the restroom facilities and buffet table. Adjust on the fly as needed.

    Vendor Needs

    Talk to your vendors in advance to find out what they need. Caterers likely need refrigeration, or at least big coolers. Cake designers may need a long, flat table for assembly. All vendors will need a bit of space to store their personal items. You might want to let vendors use part of the house, or you might prefer to set up small service tents. Designate someone you trust to be the point of contact with vendors on the big day.

    Power Considerations

    Don’t forget that you will need to provide your own electricity for a backyard wedding. Be sure to add up everything from the lights to the DJ equipment when figuring out how much power you will need. Long extension cords from the house may be sufficient, as long as you carefully secure and cover them to reduce tripping hazards. Alternately, you could bring in portable generators. Provide plenty of ventilation and keep them well away from the festivities to reduce noise levels.

    Planning a backyard wedding can be both exciting and overwhelming. Start early, think through all of your needs, and work with rather than against nature, and you can host a backyard wedding your guests will never forget.

    Ready to Get Started?

    If you are in the market for high quality party supplies at wholesale prices, contact Factory Direct Party today at 1-800-383-4315.

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  5. A site redesign is a-brewing

    Written by Michael on April 13, 2017

    Howdy, folks!  Within the next 2 weeks Factory Direct Party will have an entirely new look that aims to be cleaner, easier to understand, and easier to use, on both desktop and mobile devices.  It's going to look remarkably different than the current design, so don't be shocked if you come back and things don't look familiar.

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  6. Balloons are fun... for everyone!

    Written by Party Gal on December 20, 2016

    Hey There Party People,

    So you've seen it on every other party website out there. Easy to make balloon creations, like balloon bouquets, balloon arches, and balloon drops. You might even have seen how to use 9" and 12" balloons to spell out messages. These are all really great ideas! Sure, you'll spend hours on Youtube looking at videos of how to assemble these fabulous balloon arches and have all your guest "Oooo" and "Ahhh" at your colorful creation. Oh, and how about a balloon drop where you'll teeter at the top of a really high ladder and staple netting to the ceiling while simultaneously trying not to break your neck? Sounds fun, doesn't it? That's all great, but what if you're like me and you just don't have the time and patience to patchke around like that? What if you like your neck the way it is, safe and unbroken? Face it. You're busy and you are looking for something with a little more wow! and pizzazz! (pizzazz: an attractive combination of vitality and glamour) anyway.  You want to make your party that much more exciting without actually having to do much work. And that gets you thinking: 'What could I possibly do with Factory Direct Party's huge selection of balloon supplies that would really throw this party over the edge you?' ask yourself. Well, I'm glad you asked.

    For starters you can pull a 'Danny Deck Chair'. That is where you take a nice sturdy lawn chair and tether it to the ground using our balloon weights and our 100 yd. holographic or metallic and 500 yd. poly spools of curling ribbon. Then you'll tie a good 100 or so helium balloons to the back of the chair. Strap your guest of honor in and, instead of lifting the chair by hand (too much work!), you simply cut off the weights and watch as your surprised guest of honor goes floating up, up and away (this works best outdoors). Don't worry – it's completely safe (if you're made out of latex or foil, like our balloons)... plus, your guest can come back down at any time by slowly popping the balloons one by one.  Don't care much for the guest of honor? Just forget to give him/her a sharp pokey thing to pop the balloons with! Your guest of honor will end up somewhere far, far away.

    But seriously folks, don’t try this stuff at home. Stick with the balloon arches and bouquets. They’re gorgeous and are totally worth the effort!

    You can also create really cute Hot air balloon center pieces for your party in 3 simple steps.

    1. Take a basket, fill it with brightly colored tissue paper or tissue shred.
    2. You can put little bags of candy or party favors on top of the paper.
    3. Lastly you'll tie together a bouquet of 5-15 balloons (depending on the size of the basket) and secure them to balloon weights which you will drop into your basket and Voila! A stunning center piece that only takes minutes to assemble.

    Keep reading for more great ideas from me, Party Gal!

    Always remember that at FactoryDirectParty.com we are budget friendly because we can be! And we will not apologize for that.

    Disclaimer: Factory Direct Party does not in any way shape or form advise attempting the "Danny Deck Chair" referred to above. Floating with the use of helium balloons should not be attempted at home or anywhere else for that matter and should be left to trained professionals. Achieving liftoff and/or flight through the use of helium balloons may result in serious injury or death.

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  7. Cookie Party

    Written by Party Gal on November 18, 2016

    Cookie or flower seed exchange party: Each guest should receive their invitation attached to a cookie tray. The day of the party, each guest brings their tray laden with sugary treats to exchange. Make sure all guests write their recipe down for everyone to follow! For convenience, guests may want to individually wrap their cookies and/or place them in goodie bags to give to each other. The host should have plenty of spare plates and cups to help their guests with all the food.  Put your cookies out on white and red oval trays to snack on. Serve iced tea in our fancy cups with a lemon wedge on the side. Make them disposable to help with clean up!

    Alternatively, gardeners can have a flower seed exchange party, where the theme should be all the beautiful colors of the flowers they intend to grow with the seeds they are swapping! Pretty plates, balloons, and streamers will add a festive, springtime look. To get festive, use lime green, yellow, sky blue, orange, purple, and hot pink. Our leaf plates will help inspire while making your party look its prettiest. Serve your guests any food that needs to grow! Crudités are perfect! Slice cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, radishes and celery, and serve with a spinach dip. Place it on our scrollwear trays and serve the dip in the matching scroll bowl. Factory Direct Party also has matching plates to coordinate!

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  8. Enchantment Under the Sea

    Written by Party Gal on June 29, 2016

    Who doesn’t love a good “Back to the Future” reference? For this 1950’s cum 1980’s party, dress in your most radical 1980’s wear. Pull out the fluorescents you were hoping would be banned for all eternity, your slouchy socks, high ponytails, and leg warmers. For a sea-friendly feel, use lots of different colored blue cutlery, table covers, table skirts, plates, cups, and trays to serve on. Accent with some silver as well. Throw up lots of plastic fake pearls for a fun feel. Decorate a trunk with lots of “jewels” by crumpling up some tissue paper balls and placing the lid in a half open position so others will see the jewels. Line the chest with silver or gold metallic wrap. Throw in some plastic fake pearls for good measure. Throw some silver streamers around the room for a wave-like effect and interlace some with pearls. Add some “sea-weed” by taping green streamers to the walls going from the floor to the ceiling “waving” in the ocean breeze. You can use a revolving fan on a light setting to get the wavy look just perfect. For food, serve tuna fish salad, lox, crackers, sushi, and blue colored gelatin. They would look fabulous in a shell or flower-shaped dessert cup. Place any other dessert on a mini-leaf plate.  Throw a guitar and amp in the corner and see who can do the best Chuck Berry impression.

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  9. Honeycomb around the world...

    Written by Party Gal on December 29, 2015

    Happy New Year to our customers around the world and thank you to our friends in Denmark for the pictures of the setup they created using different sized and colored honeycomb balls!  With the honeycomb decorations gaining global popularity (honeycomb items are our number one export!), now is a great time to get creative and try them out at your next party.

    Tip: Try using them to create Jumbo Lollypops. All you need are 12" or 14" honeycomb balls and wooden dowels (available at any home improvement or arts 'n crafts store).

    Making honeycomb tissue projects are as easy as 1-2-3!

    1. Lay a closed honeycomb ball on a flat surface.
    2. Use clear scotch tape to stick the wooden dowel to the back (what will become the center once opened) of the closed honeycomb ball.
    3. Open the honeycomb ball and hang your Lollypop decoration where everyone will see it and marvel at your genius.


    Back to our overseas friends – check out these awesome setups!

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  10. March Madness!

    Written by Party Gal on February 22, 2015

    March Madness is almost here! Thanks to Factory Direct Party, your b-ball game viewing has just gotten better. Factory Direct Party offers a whole line of plastic tableware that you can use to mix and match in style. Are you a University of Arizona fan? Go blue with a red table skirt underlay. Norte Dame your team? Go gold on top and blue skirt on the bottom. Show your true team spirit! It will have a wonderful effect on the party room and have your guests rooting for more! Throw in some high quality disposable plates, napkins, and cutlery and you are set for the season! Don’t forget the must-haves for any game! High quality beer cups. They are available in a wide range of colors to help you get into game-day mode. Try to really get yourself into the spirit by hanging up orange honeycomb tissue balls! They are the newest and hottest thing in decorating. Spray them around the room or have them arc in a series to demonstrate a three-pointer.  They come in sizes of 8”, 12”, 14”, and 19” inches. Your friends will be your biggest fans! Here at Factory Direct Party, we believe that your party should be high quality and low cost. We throw in the incredible customer service as an added bonus because we love our customers!

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  11. Neighborhood Block Party

    Written by Party Gal on July 14, 2014

    Fire up the BBQ and meet your neighbors! Serve all food on disposable plates, trays, and cups, and add beer cups for the adults. For a kitschy feel, add disposable gingham tablecloths to your picnic. Serve classic BBQ foods such as hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, steaks (if you’re so inclined!), fries, baked potatoes, salad, and macaroni salad. Factory Direct Party also has great salad bowls and serveware to impress your guests! Serve condiments in our adorable mousse cups for a touch of class. For dessert, serve American Apple pie and ice cream. We have disposable pie cutters and ice cream bowls to help with that! Get to know your neighbors by playing charades or a board game. A big bucket of chalk will be great for the kids to get along.

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  12. Pomegranate Punch

    Written by Party Gal on June 11, 2014

    Ah, summer. Nothing says delicious and refreshing like a nice tall glass of punch. Make this for your next BBQ (adults only!) or family get together (alcohol free!)

    Here is what you'll need:

    • Champagne (or Sparkling Cider)
    • Pomegranate Juice
    • Club Soda (or Ginger Ale)
    • Citrus Vodka (or Orange Juice)

    Mix 2 cups of champagne (or sparkeling cider!) with 1 cup of pomegranate juice, 1 cup of seltzer (or ginger ale), and 1/2 cup of citrus vodka (or orange juice!) in one of our large bowls. Use one of our premium quality ladles to pour your party drink mix into our margarita cups to present with a festive flare! Garnish with a slice of orange and enjoy the summer!

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  13. Champagne Punch

    Written by Party Gal on June 02, 2014

    Planning a large party or celebration? Check out this recipe for an awesome party mix! Mix the following in one of our large party bowls:

    • 1 Cup Cointreau (orange liqueur)
    • 1 Cup brandy
    • 6 Bottles of champagne
    • Crushed ice
    • 1 Cup sugar
    • 1 small orange (sliced thin)
    • 1 lemon (sliced thin)
    • Whole strawberries, with the tops cut off

    Mix well and serve in our elegant margarita cups for even more style! Garnish the margarita cups with sugar around the rim (like a sweetened margarita!) for an even more professional look. Impress your guests with your party know-how. Relax and enjoy the party!

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  14. Las Vegas/Casino Night

    Written by Party Gal on April 24, 2014

    The glitz of Las Vegas has never been closer to your own living room! You can make the evening a casual affair of today or an old time-y dressed up feel from yesteryear. If you choose to dress up, make sure you wear your finest hats, jewelry, and elegant dresses to give it that rich feel.

    For poker tables, set up a round table with a green tablecloth and tie it down to the legs to allow for a smooth surface. Use a black table skirt draped around the table to complete the look – really, who needs to see all those legs? Place chairs around the table and set up with poker chips. (Don’t forget to have the dealer wear a bow-tie!) More chips should be awarded to those who bring a nice dish to eat (this is not your Las Vegas $2.99 All-You-Can-Eat affair!).  Mousse, elegant cakes, salads, and caviar would be an excellent touch. Make your presentation classy with our beautiful serveware, caviar spoons, fancy bowls, and dessert miniatures.

    Don’t forget the alcohol. Lucky for you, Factory Direct Party also has a wonderful collection of barware including wine glasses, margarita glasses, mini martini glasses, and champagne cups – all available at incredible prices! Add some real sparkle to the night with balloon weights as centerpieces on the serving tables. Next, relax and watch your guests place bets on your awesome hosting skills.

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  15. Finals/Midterms Midnight Breakfast

    Written by Party Gal on November 04, 2013

    For the students in your life who are stressed by finals or midterms and are up all night studying, host a midnight breakfast! Late in the evening serve waffles, pancakes, fruits, and cereal to help fuel their learning minds. Put everything in disposable dinnerware so the students do not have to worry about dishes when their done. Teach them a valuable lesson on economics and saving by purchasing your disposable tableware right here at Factory Direct Party!

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