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Party Items Glossary

Not sure what something means and can't find it here? Call us! We are constantly updating this list and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Fringe festooning
Fringe festooning is used for piñatas and many other arts and crafts. Fringe festooning is available in many candy colors like orange, pink, mint, blue, purple, red, and yellow and they can match up with any party theme. They are great for float decorations and can also be used as streamers from doors, tables, and ceilings to make the party venue look attractive and colorful.
Pearlized balloons
Unlike normal balloons, pearlized balloons have a shimmer that is similar to a pearl, hence the name.
Premium partyware
Premium quality products are similar to the same items in standard quality, only they are typically of an even higher quality and are suggested for higher end events such as weddings, corporate parties, or higher class events that require disposables.
Loot bags
Loot bags are also known as treat sacks and are used to pack goodies in for handing out favors or candies to birthday, wedding, or event guests.
Metallic wrap
Used in a similar fashion to tissue paper, metallic wrap is great for stuffing, wrapping, arts & crafts, and much more. The sheets are constructed of a PVC based metallic and will give your project a shining glimmer!
Honeycomb tissue
Honeycomb tissue art paper products are used for design and decorating and are a great enhancement to any parties decorative theme! Available in a large variety of colors, honeycomb tissue is an inexpensive way to get a party planner designed look for your next event!