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Plastic Party Serveware

Glam up your party and serve your fruits and canapés with our splenid silver edged trays engraved with a beautiful flower patterns that will for sure lure your guests to your treats! 

If you love hors d'oeuvres and appetizers, you need party serveware to present them on! Factory Direct Party has plenty of elegant, affordable trays, bowls and serving utensils to accommodate any dish. And thanks to our wholesale prices, you can buy serving trays for party after party, no matter the length of the guest list. Check out all of our plastic serving trays, bowls and serveware today.

Plastic serveware is usually not appealing and practicality seems to be the major concern. However, Factory Direct Party Serveware targets both of these aims offering practical but also aesthetically pleasing options to enhance your occasion. Our multi-use football chip and dip tray is both practical and visually appealing and also a great choice for organised servings without having all your food mushed together. Our clear square bowls and our durable plastic oval trays that come in different colors are great choices to provide good support for your dishes without having to sacrifice style and taste.

For outdoor events, if you really do not want flies, bees, or ants getting into your salads, we have got the perfect life savers! We offer salad bowl lids that would be perfect for your salad bowls . We did not forget your delicious pies and cakes that you would like to preserve from our opportunistic little friends-insects. We carry 18 inch dome lids and 14 inch dome lids to make sure your pies/cakes travel safe and remain untouched until the serving!