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Plates & Bowls

Step into the adventurous world of tablescape art through Factory Direct Party Dinnerware Sets! Our goal is to combine premier quality elegant dinneware with the affordability of disposable plastic products so that everybody gets to set up an elegant table cutting down on the cost, time, and effort. 

Do you feel limited when searching for disposable plates and end up buying plain white ones? Well, Factory Direct Party has got your back to make sure you don't have to do that again! What do you think of a rich burgundy set for Valentines day? Or a pink Victorian dinner set to create the perfect romantic atmosphere? Perhaps, disposable plates made from palm leaves if you want to be eco-friendly this year? Whatever you are looking for, Factory Direct Party has got plenty of options that will suit your taste. Even if you want to vintage! Our Victorian Dinnerware collection has a wide range of vintage options such as our robin blue plates that will take your table back in time to those glorious days!

For those who are interested in a super modern look, we offer a good selection of modern plates such as white/metallic line square plates that is finely lined with gold on its outer edges giving you a modern look that also exudes elegance with its exquisite design. These plates can be combined with gold plastic forks, gold plastic spoons, and gold plastic knives to achieve a luxurious soiree. These plates and cutlery come in silver and rose gold as well!

Factory Direct Party has not left out those who would just like to go for a simple modern style. Our eye-catching abstract plates such as triangular plates uses the language of form to add a different atmosphere to your event. From a variety of options to choose from, we can guarantee that you will find the perfect set and promise you a good experience with our top-notch plates. You can also eliminate the issue of cleaning up and enjoy your experience to its fullest. A low maintenance gorgeous dinner set? What else could you ask for?

Create a fantastic fit for your 1st wedding anniversary with a rich Burgundy Set, your 20th anniversary with perhaps an Ivory Victorian Set, or why not create a graceful simplistic table with our Zen Design Plates! The sky is no longer the limit because FDP has your back when it comes to decorating your table in an honorable fashion. You will certainly find a variety of options ranging from modern designs such as Wavy Plates & Bowls to gorgeous Floral Motifs, and even an eco-friendly option with our Palm Leaf Plates