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80 oz. Salad Bowl - Black


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  • 80 oz. black salad bowl - BPA-free, sturdy & durable
  • Take your dining experience outdoors with disposable plastic salad bowls
  • Keep food safe and hygienic during food preparation and storage
  • Perfect for outdoor events, family gatherings, BBQs, picnics, birthday parties, festive events, and much more! Can be used for more than just salads, such as desserts or snacks
  • Choose from a variety of sizes to find the perfect bowl for your occasion
  • No messy spills, no stress! An FDP convenient salad bowl that makes sure to keep your salad fresh
  • Disclaimer: These bowls do not come with lids


We put the pro into proficient to ensure your serving is efficient. From picnic to party, from preparation to presentation, every occasion deserves to be a celebration. Fineline Settings sets the standard for heavyweight dishes in quality construction and definitive design. We transform every meal into an occasion by ensuring all the convenience of plastic along with the sophistication of china. *** Please note - bowls do not come with lids. Lids must be purchased seperately. ***


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Quantity 1
Weight0.2 LBS
Size6 sizes available
Dimensions L: 0.0 in. W: 0.0 in. H: 0.0 in.
BrandSuper Bowl
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