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40 In. x 300 Ft. Premium Light Yellow Table Roll


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  • 40 in. x 100 ft.
  • 40 in. x 300 ft.

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  • Each order includes one handy plastic table roll that will transform your table in just a matter of minutes! An upcoming event? Bring out your go-to table rolls, quickly cover your table, and you're ready to go!
  • Our gorgeous table covers are suitable for formal events, holidays, anniversaries, birthday parties, gender reveals, baby showers, banquets, brunches, elegant dinner nights, valentines day, weddings, and so much more!
  • Every 40 in. x 300 ft. table roll is designed to cover thirty seven 8 ft. tables - Meet all your needs and throw a trouble-free party!
  • Made with high-quality plastic, each table roll is made to withstand the most messy events keeping to its color and quality - Our table rolls are crafted to ensure high opacity and minimal transparency - Roll up the table roll and dispose of it!
  • Decorate your table with our luxurious Combo Sets from our Elegant Dinnerware line and explore the depth of tablescape art!


Premium Light Yellow Table Rolls - the savior of every event and when you are done, dispose of it! Set up and cleanup in just a matter of minutes! Our fantastic table rolls that measure 40 in. x 300 ft. enough to cover thirty seven 8ft tables will instantly elevate your table adding color and style. It suits both people who prefer minimalistic style and glam themed tables. Each style can be achieved through decorating your table with our Combo Packs from our Elegant Dinnerware Line. Check out our Elegant Dinnerware Collection to set up the table of your dreams in just a matter of minutes! Made from food-grade plastic material, our collection of table rolls are certain to meet all of your party needs. Our collection offers extra-high opacity for such an affordable price. With this level of quality, the table rolls may be reused to be more eco-friendly. As Factory Direct Party we combine premier quality products with the convenience of a disposable guaranteeing a delightful experience. Available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, our table rolls are the perfect addition to any event - from birthday parties to anniversaries, weddings to banquets. We offer gorgeous lace and gingham quilt patterns that are guaranteed to steal the show! Grab one and doll up your table in just a matter of seconds! Keep an eye on bulk wholesales to get your hands on a bunch of premium quality FDP table rolls for a cheaper price! Your tables will steal the show with these beautiful elegant table covers. Disposable works! When the party is over, cleanup is easy - just roll up the table rolls and dispose of it. If you're searching for simple, disposable round table rolls for your next event, these are exactly what you're looking for. Use them for a wedding, birthday party or banquet! The options are endless with FDP.


Availability In Stock
Quantity 1
ColorLight Yellow
Weight7.5 LBS
Size2 sizes available
Dimensions L: 40.0 in. W: 5.0 in. H: 5.0 in.
Rating 5.0
Based on 0 reviews

Reviews (5.0 based on 6 reviews)

  • My party would not have been the same with out these table covers!! The quality of these were amazing and clean up was easy too! all we had to do was roll up the garbage on the table and throw away! The kids made lots of spills too, and we didnt have to mop it up...we just threw it away!
    Written by BellaDeBall on October 05, 2010 for 40 In. X 300 Ft. Premium Pink Table Roll
  • I bought these for my dinner party and i needed a lot for many tables. i used this to wrap all the tables in. It was fast and easy to use and clean.
    Written by Candi on November 09, 2010 for 40 In. X 300 Ft. Premium Lime Green Table Roll
  • I was excited to see the exact color I had in mind on this website. Lavender is my favorite and I used these table rolls for my birthday bash. It was superb Went beautifully with my decor. I still have loads leftover!!
    Written by DJ Jane on June 27, 2011 for 40 In. X 300 Ft. Premium Lavender Table Roll
  • The colors are clear and true as shown on the website. The plastic is of good quality and not easily torn. I use 8 colors every year for our CFA cat show and this is the only website that I can find that sells all of the colors I need to order. Yea!
    Written by JayneWithAy on April 03, 2016 for Plastic Table Rolls
  • excellent product
    Written by Larry on April 18, 2017 for Plastic Table Rolls
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