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350 Pcs Black/Orange/White Disposable Tableware Set


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  • Black, white, and orange plastic dinnerware combo pack 350 pieces
  • This pack contains 50 white 10" plates, 50 orange 7" salad plates, 50 orange 12 oz plastic cups, 50 white paper napkins, and 50 black forks, spoons, and knives
  • This combo set is perfect for BBQs, big events, formal events, and more
  • Intended for one-time use only
  • Do not throw in the dishwasher or microwave


Bulk Party Set

This disposable tableware combo pack includes everything you will need for your upcoming party! Take the headache out of finding coordinating colors and tableware, we've got the perfect dinnerware set for you! All our disposable products are made of the highest quality food-grade plastics and are sturdy and strong. This is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your party needs!

Inside this combo pack, you'll find 50 each of 10" white plates, 7" orange salad plates, 12 oz orange plastic cups, white paper napkins, and a complete set of black forks, spoons, and knives. This all in one combo pack guarantees a well-coordinated table setting for your gatherings. Perfect for a variety of occasions, from laid-back BBQs to formal events and birthday parties, this combo set ensures that your table is not only well-equipped but also visually appealing with its striking color scheme.

Designed for one-time use, this dinnerware set eliminates the need for post-event cleanup. Please note that these items are not suitable for the dishwasher or microwave. Instead, focus on enjoying your event without worrying about the cleanup afterward.


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