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45mm Ball Asst/50 Per Pack


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  • 50 rubber 45 mm colorful assorted balls
  • High-bounce balls made of high quality rubber
  • Your ideal companion - Endless entertainment and a great stress relief tool for adults
  • Great for goody bag fillers, classroom reward buckets, pinata fillers, carnival prizes, and much more!
  • The perfect toy to entertain a big group of kids - The key to unlocking joyful playtime
  • These vibrant and playful balls are designed to bring joy and excitement to kids of all ages
  • A valuable tool for active play and skill-building
  • A fantastic way to keep kids active, engaged, and full of smiles


We believe in the power of play to promote healthy development in children. That's why our colorful 45mm high bounce rubber balls are not only fun but also serve as valuable tools for active play and skill-building. As kids bounce and chase after these lively balls, they enhance their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor control. Encourage your little ones to engage in outdoor play, as these rubber balls are perfect for playgrounds, parks, and open spaces. Let them experience the thrill of running, jumping, and catching as they chase after the high-bouncing balls. With their compact size and lively bounce, these rubber balls offer a fantastic way to keep kids active, engaged, and full of smiles.

Our colorful 45mm high bounce rubber balls are crafted with premium quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting play value. Designed to withstand energetic play and rough bounces, these rubber balls can handle countless adventures and keep up with your kids' active lifestyles. Rest assured, these rubber balls are made from safe and non-toxic materials, meeting the highest standards of child safety. They provide a worry-free play experience, allowing your kids to fully immerse themselves in the joy of bouncing. Let them explore the world of active play and experience the thrill of high bounces with these durable and safe rubber balls.


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Quantity 50
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Dimensions L: 0.0 in. W: 0.0 in. H: 0.0 in.
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