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Cookie Party

Written by Party Gal on November 18, 2016

Cookie or flower seed exchange party: Each guest should receive their invitation attached to a cookie tray. The day of the party, each guest brings their tray laden with sugary treats to exchange. Make sure all guests write their recipe down for everyone to follow! For convenience, guests may want to individually wrap their cookies and/or place them in goodie bags to give to each other. The host should have plenty of spare plates and cups to help their guests with all the food.  Put your cookies out on white and red oval trays to snack on. Serve iced tea in our fancy cups with a lemon wedge on the side. Make them disposable to help with clean up!

Alternatively, gardeners can have a flower seed exchange party, where the theme should be all the beautiful colors of the flowers they intend to grow with the seeds they are swapping! Pretty plates, balloons, and streamers will add a festive, springtime look. To get festive, use lime green, yellow, sky blue, orange, purple, and hot pink. Our leaf plates will help inspire while making your party look its prettiest. Serve your guests any food that needs to grow! Crudités are perfect! Slice cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, radishes and celery, and serve with a spinach dip. Place it on our scrollwear trays and serve the dip in the matching scroll bowl. Factory Direct Party also has matching plates to coordinate!