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Las Vegas/Casino Night

Written by Party Gal on April 24, 2014

The glitz of Las Vegas has never been closer to your own living room! You can make the evening a casual affair of today or an old time-y dressed up feel from yesteryear. If you choose to dress up, make sure you wear your finest hats, jewelry, and elegant dresses to give it that rich feel.

For poker tables, set up a round table with a green tablecloth and tie it down to the legs to allow for a smooth surface. Use a black table skirt draped around the table to complete the look – really, who needs to see all those legs? Place chairs around the table and set up with poker chips. (Don’t forget to have the dealer wear a bow-tie!) More chips should be awarded to those who bring a nice dish to eat (this is not your Las Vegas $2.99 All-You-Can-Eat affair!).  Mousse, elegant cakes, salads, and caviar would be an excellent touch. Make your presentation classy with our beautiful serveware, caviar spoons, fancy bowls, and dessert miniatures.

Don’t forget the alcohol. Lucky for you, Factory Direct Party also has a wonderful collection of barware including wine glasses, margarita glasses, mini martini glasses, and champagne cups – all available at incredible prices! Add some real sparkle to the night with balloon weights as centerpieces on the serving tables. Next, relax and watch your guests place bets on your awesome hosting skills.