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9in. Lavender plastic plates (50)


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  • 9
  • Available in 20+ colors
  • Budget friendly
  • Disposable - cleanup is easy!
  • Round dinner plates


1 package of 9" lavender dinner plates. Each pack has 50 plates. These heavy duty lavender dinner plates are beautiful and have vibrant coloring. They will make any event look special. These colors are the most vibrant we have come across in any line we have dealt with to day!


Availability Out Of Stock
Quantity 50
Weight1.9 LBS
Size9 in.
Dimensions L: 0.0 in. W: 0.0 in. H: 0.0 in.
BrandParty Dimensions
Rating 3.0
Based on 1 review

Reviews (3.0 based on 1 review)

  • The color on these plates were fine. I wouldn't recommend to use them for heavy food - hot dishes like a lasagna or something like that. The were more light/medium duty plates - not heavy duty.
    Written by Yvonne on July 25, 2011
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